Breathe for Me

Splash Fiddle

Outside the page in the tumbling darkSpring the walls of smoke from the fireInside the light is a glow of a dreamAnd the heat of all your desireA thinking man knows that he ain't got a choiceFrom a page of a magazineInside the lines of a narrative voiceCaught up in betweenWhere have you beenAct like you knowYou might feel the weight of the scream         ChorusDress how you feelPut on a showWhy don't you breathe for meOutside my head is a narrow placeFrom hot coals to smoldering ashOutstretched the reach of an empty pageSpreading the seed of the rash200 rings on a cedar stump200 thoughts on the groundBut inside the storm I feel that there must beMore of them falling downChorusOdds are a passing car in a long paradeWhat's going on?Who made the evening fameBut who I am

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