Can't Complain

Splash Fiddle

Jump right up from a birthday suitAnd pull against the roots that were chosen for youOn a roll, well, lucky we areOdds are a passing car in a long paradeWhat's going on?Who made the evening fameBut who I amWhere I come fromI can't complainA southern queen dressed a la modeGlances me a look she knows my brain is frozeShe opens up to another manWho steps into that instant space I know I can'tWhat's going on?The never ending dayBut who I amWhere I come fromI can't complainScrub it down right to the dirtWash again it doesn't work in a soap box worldMorning comes to a sardine canFilled with leaks and foiled by plans in a runny pasteWhat's going on?Oh, can I have a tasteOf who I amWhere I come from I can't complain

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