Little Bitof Moonshine

Splash Fiddle


I'm stumbling round for the market squareI had a dream I was going somewhereSo many fools withinSo little's changed but I don't careAnd I don't want a brand new worldI'm tryin' to figure outWhere this one's coming fromI'm working from the inside this timeI'm getting wired on a fresh cup of sunshine         ChorusI'm not being fooled by the innocent whore childA tap dancer or a little bit of moonshine Should I change for the market square?There's so many faces to wearSo many voices withinDon't know their names but I don't careI've got a friend to fall on the knifeWhile I cut my neck from this lineChorusI'm walking treacherous pathI'm talkin' simple man's creedI'm looking down the roadTo something that I can make bleedChorus