Sittin' onTop of the World

Music by Big Byrd & Tweetle Tweet Fiddle

Words by Splash Fiddle

If you're in pursuit, you'd better have a stick you can useAnd I know the rules, but it's so hard to see throughFor what you wanna doBut Alice home waiting for meI got a color TVHold my bills, Alice had a girlI'm sittin' on top of the worldAlice say to me boy, you gotta see you to be seenBut I'll back down, to try and figure out What she really meansI make time for my sleepA year gets me a weekYeah I've been down, we all take our turnsSittin' on top of the worldI've been looking for daylightI know that it's gonna shineYou've got to let your heartMake up your mindI want peace, but you've got to sell faith to be kingThe big wheel spins and all of its armsHave sleevesBeyond understanding at allSomewhere making the callSo slap my back, straighten my curlsI'm sittin' on top of the world

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