Splash Fiddle

Second son of Mamma Fiddle, father believed to be Bubba Sloptrof of Stagwater Lake, AL. When Splash was just 4 years old the people of Stagwater built him a "rhythm guitar"(because he had neither) out of his crib and a cat nobody liked. Splash spent the next few years tinkering in hillbilly sour mash funk until his older brother Wolf intoduced him to the magical world of 8-track cassette. From this mystical machine Splash heard a sound that had grunts like mamma's hogs and a metallic sound that gave him images of the big city which he had about in carvings on cedar trees. When Splash became a grown man at the age of 14 he left Stagwater Lake in search of this city and those sounds howling in his head. After 14 years of traveling on foot Splash found the big city and was reunited with his 4 brothers. In the far Northwest corner of Alabama in a place called Flopatch, the Fiddleworms joined for good.



Age: 28

Ma: Mama Fiddle

Pa: Bubba Sloptrof (best guess)

Hometown: Originally Stagwater Lake, now Flopatch, AL

Hobbies: Fishin', Jugglin', Drinkin'

Favorite Foods: Sardines ( preferably spicy), slim jims, chocolate covered raisins and bait (sushi)

Ambition: Play music with my brothers and one day have enough money for my own catfish pond.

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