Wolf Fiddle

Wolf Fiddle


Wolf was born a large child covered with hair and green teeth. He was immediatly put into the freak sideshow. Wolf's mother was a contortionist in the circus. She fell in love with Dog Boy; half man-half dog, one of the freaks. Wolf worked in the freak show for 100 years (dog years)

until he heard the sound of an African Drum Tribe from NY City. He knew then what he was destined to do. After shaving most of his hair and teaching hisself how to walk upright, Wolf set out to find a set of drums. Three drum sets and many bands later Wolf found a group in Flopatch, Alabama that was more enjoyable than a good ball lickin'. Wolf knew he had found something special, the rest will be history.



Age: 196 dog years

Ma: Mama Fiddle

Pa: Chester Dog Boy

Hometown: Barnum & Bynum Traveling Circus

Hobbies: Scratchin', Chasin' cats--squirls--cars, Scratchin' and Lickin' myself

Favorite Foods: Squirls, rabbits, chipmonks, duks, and dumplins

Ambition: Catch my tail

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