The Honrable Rev. Dr. Frog F. Fiddle, esq.

Born on a electric lily pad in the lime green depths of ythe Detroit River, the year was the second of that bellbottom-spangled time space contiuum known as the seventies.Exact time of birth is ukown, but it must have beeen lunchtime somewhere. As a youth, his hobby--transforming ethereal soul grease into low end acoustical groove uits-- became an all consuming passion. Somehow, Frog knew his life would be a crusade to make mirth,merriment,and music before he croaked. Frog earned his Reverend status upon eating a praying mantis. He mysteriously acquired extraordinary doctoral skills some time after Marvin Gaye's "sexual healing" hit the charts. After spreading the gospel as if it were peanut butter, Frog hopped extremely south of Detroit, armed with a plank of wood and his last 4 strands of catgut. The stars crossed. The planets fell out of alignment. It could only mean onde thing-A family reunion was about to occur....


Frog Frog

Age: 24

Ma: Mama Fiddle

Pa: Estranged

Hometown: Detroit, MI

Hobbies: Transforming ethereal soul grease into low end acoustical groove units.

Favorite foods: Anything that tastes like chicken

Ambition: To make mirth,merriment, and music before I croak

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